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The video below is from a local WKOW Channel 27 newscast showing Rikki Glen in a special Someone You Should Know segment.


"Cases are about facts. Rikki finds them-tenaciously, thoroughly and objectively. She understands the bigger picture of a case, quickly separating wheat from chaff. Her "read" of a person is keen and she has a good sense of how well a witness will testify. Her resourcefulness is impressive; her opinions valued."
-- Steve Hurley (Hurley, Burish & Stanton)

"Whenever I am in need of a private investigator, I call Rikki. She has a special way about her that gets things done. She's smart and very thorough -- always going the extra mile for you and your client. She is very dedicated to her profession and top of the line in terms of ethics. I will continue to use her in any case I can."
-- Attorney Stephen E. Mays (Mays Law Office, LLC)

"I have worked with Rikki Glen for nearly fifteen years now and I do not believe there is anybody who is better when it comes to getting witnesses to open up. Rikki knows how to produce the most useful investigative product for the case in question and understands how her work fits into the overall litigation plan. I had no hesitation in selecting her (along with Rick Raemisch) when I needed a presenter for my 1997 CLE Program, "Effective Use of A Private Investigator in a Litigation Practice," and I was happy to help Rikki turn our thoughts into a co-authored article of the same name in a national publication for private investigators."
-- Jeff Scott Olson (Jeff Scott Olson Law Firm)

"Ms. Glen has a rare ability to put potential witnesses at ease and elicit candid testimony they would hesitate or refuse to provide other investigators. She also is extremely quick on the up-take when dealing with the subtleties and intricacies of complex litigation. Her work for me has been stellar."
-- Michael R. Fox (Fox & Fox, S.C. (Madison Office))

"For several years now, I have sent some of my most difficult investigative assignments to Rikki. She is intelligent, works quickly and is absolutely reliable. She is a pleasure to work with."
-- Hal Harlowe

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